Are Adult Escort Services Legal?

Adult escort services are often able to avoid legal implications of the services being for prostitution as the services that are sold are companionship and entertainment that is intimate but not sexual. However many times escorts are willing to perform sexual services as well just for additional money. As long as the services do not include sexual services for money they are legal so as far as things are concerned since they are not particularly selling sexual services or at least not advertising or doing so on paper it would appear that they are completely legitimate and legal. However if you do pay an escort to be involved in a sexual relationship then you could end up getting into trouble as this would be illegal. Essentially this type of thing is bordering on the line of legal and illegal. There are a number of reasons that you would want to consider whether or not your involvement is legal.

Essentially the reason that there are such strict laws has to do with the overall common place practice for minors to be exploited in adult escort services. There are many different approaches that are taken depending on the state in which you live. There are states that try to monitor and limit these different types of activities. In some states a higher tax is given to those who are dressed in a provocative nature, all this has done cause the advertisements to show fully clothed and well dressed women. Other states have different laws including some states that say that an escort service has to have a police liscense which prevents unsuitable establishments from operating.

There are some laws that are specifically targeted at the trafficking industry. Most of these are through making it illegal to cross the state lines with these services. In addition there are a number of different laws in all states for those escorts who choose to step over the line and engage in sexual activities. How the escorts work around this is that they get hired to perform other services and then they decide to engage in sexual activities on their own.

If you are caught with an escort in a sexual engagement and it is suspected to be an act of prostitution. Typically the prostitute is charged however there is an overall lack of consistency with this in most areas. Plus there is a chance that you could get charged with pedophilia depending on where you live and where you view a picture from. How this happens is that there are a number of states where the legal age of consent is younger than other states. If you live in a state where the legal age is higher and you view a photograph or video of someone that would be considered underage where you live then you would have committed an act of pedophilia that could be punishable with jail time. This is prevented with many websites as they post warnings and have their clients enter on the site the state from which they are viewing the material. That way if it is illegal in their state then they would not be allowed to view the pictures that they could get into trouble for.


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