Of cheating relationships and break-ups

Other than money, cheating is probably the most talked about subject in the world today because it is a wide spread problem that has afflicted any who has cared to get into an intimate relationship. No one is immune to cheating. This is not something one can prepare for. Cheating can nonetheless be avoided or dealt with whenever it occurs. The steps taken to deal with infidelity so as to avoid break-ups depend on factors unique to the relationship. A couple with children will for instance deal with the issue of infidelity differently compared to the unmarried since the children have to be factored into whatever decisions is arrive at.

According to psychologists, cheating must not always be a recipe for break-up. This is because cheating is not always a pre-meditated act. Below are a number of tips on how you can avoid a break-up and fruitfully move on with your relationship after getting entangled by the cobweb strands of infidelity.

Don’t blow your top to when caught

There is a notion that for two to maintain and nurture their love, they must never be angry at the same time. This is a piece of advice that can be handy when caught pants down. Putting this into to practice may be difficult because naturally you might want to react to the insults and loud shouts he or she is likely to hurl at you. Think. You are on the wrong side and it is best to keep your mouth shut and let him or her take off the steam on you. As a matter of fact, it may make you feel repentant and this sets the necessary foundation for forgiveness. Trying to aggressively defend oneself while on the wrong is can cause more harm.

Go away for a while and don’t say anything specific

Say for instance, your wife has been fed a substantial amount of rumors and it reaches a point when she cannot take it anymore. Being a loving and caring person with a level of maturity that does not allow to jump into conclusions, she hires an investigator and the next thing you know are pictures of this blond in your arms laughing  coming out from a hotel entrance. It could be worse. She might walk into you touching or fondling her breasts eyes closed and all ready to take her.

In this case it is okay to panic. But try not to stay around for too long. Take a walk in the park. Drive around to nowhere or just go wherever. Don’t hung around. It is advisable to come back after a number of hours and agree to the fact that you did him or her wrong and you will not be surprised if she left you. The question that you will be needed to answer more than ever is, why? Do not answer this question even if you have an answer to it. Let her guess. Let her go like “I am no longer good enough?” or “Don’t I satisfy you any more?” All this might be factors one way or another but the best answer ever is a silent side to side headshake with occasional remorseful look. It might make the offended look despised but it would work better than replying or trying to be overly sorry.

Do not be ashamed to look disturbed in her presence

Women are naturally empathetic people. They will definitely forgive you if you look repentant. All they need is an assurance that it will never happen again. One has to stoop low when found guilty. If caught red handed then facially express it to such. Let the feeling of shame and belittlement make his or her ego go up, this she would appear victorious. The feeling of victory especially to women makes them feel better and great in return this advances the chances of you being forgiven.

Get you mojo back

At times the art of seduction leaves when needed most. However, try to think of how badly you want save the relationship. Don’t lie down on your bed full of regrets and allow the situation get the best of you. Get your confidence back and apologies. Convince her to take your gifts and go places with you. In the event of all these, find someone or something to blame. Yes, you are suppose to come out of this flawless, thus some pick alcohol while others pick weed or a crazy story from the skies. Just make it up and have it sound real. Make it look like it will never happen again and then make sure you are never caught again or else you will lose her trust and this will definitely be followed by a break up if not revenge.

Feel and look confident if it is a rumor

Incase your partner is reacting on rumors however true they might be, play cool, look confident and don’t appear disturbed. Always when one is on the wrong and is about to lose he will tend to be uneasy. So don’t show this weakness. Incase a question to that effect is passed to you, just look up straight to the eye and then appear ignorant but don’t talk. This would help.



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