The beauty of going for a full service escort

Full service escort simply means a companion who gives it all to you – from an exotic sensual massage to hot steaming sex and accompaniment to various functions or events that you may want to appear in with a tantalizing lady or man.

A full service escort should be chosen with great care. She has to have all the qualities that you may think of in a lady. This is because you will be seeing her under different caps for at one point she will be playing the role of a devoted companion walking besides you arm-in-arm and at another point she could be you masseurs or sensual lover. This means that she has to be as beautiful as she intelligent.

Avoid scandals

Full service escorts are in most cases hired on secrecy basis. Many of the people who go for this option are those who do not wish to be seen walking from one point to another to fulfill sensual desires. Moving from a massage parlor to a brothel might for example be tricky for well known personalities. People of this class avoid scandals by making arrangement with top escort agencies to have the lady dropped at a specific hotel or residential address. This way the can get the massage, the sex and the company they need to take care of their sexual desires.

You could also do the same especially if you re in a relationship that does not develop sexual adventure that lives up to your expectation and you are looking for a heated mind blowing side show with a difference.

Health perspective

Many are known to have contracted sexually transmitted diseases through switching of different partners. A full escort services is a good way of reducing a person’s chances of contracting these diseases as it minimizes the possibilities of having multiple sexual encounters whether home or abroad. Look at it from this perspective, an escort who does not offer certain services like massage means that you will have visit a massage parlor where you are likely to have sex. Under the influence of alcohol or out of pure infatuation you are also likely to leave a strip club with a lady which would not be possible if you a full escort service lad with you.

It is argued that, people who like full escort services can build up long term relationship because they spend a lot of time with lady or man. This can entangle a person in a love relationship that might be expensive to maintain. A number of men, some of whom are high ranking in the society, have been known to file for bankruptcy. The argument also attaches this familiarization to health hazards with the point of argument being, “Seeing the same full service escort frequently leads to a feeling of trust and the need to make her feel special. In return, both of you might consciously and unconsciously fall into the trap having unprotected sex and this can result to diseases or unwanted pregnancies.”

Money saver

There is a clear connection between saving money and a full service escort massages service providers. This is because you are able to know exactly the much you need to spend and you don’t also have to leave tip for every service you receive because you have it all under the same caring tender hands that you can move about with every step of the journey.

Adventurous stimulation and sensual expeditions

Full service escorts are perfect for adventurous sex especially quickies. This could be in the backyard, at a balcony or along a deserted street. Out door sex is a sexual fantasy many would like to experience because the fear of getting caught pumps up the adrenaline necessary to give a sensuous orgasm that will leave you with sexual memories that will stay with you for a long time. Picnic sex adventures some where in the mountains where it is just the two of you and wilderness are some of the ways a full service escort ca n help you attain the sensual pleasure missing in your life.

Be safe

Whatever you, do it is prudent not to fall in love with an escort. Professional escorts are admired by many their ability to avoid this thus, they should always be your number one choice and if this is not possible then be prepared to sleep with one eye open. The reason behind this is that low category escorts tend to have low earn less and may be tempted to steal from their clients when drunk or asleep. Reports of people drugged by con-women pausing as escorts in hotel rooms have been heard before and this can be dangerous if he or she happen to get hold of your ATM other credit cards. This kind of escorts are usually affiliated to money laundering cartels whose net you should avoid at all cost by going for a professional full service escort.


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